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Here, we give you all it takes to sharpen your skill, the pieces of training are in audio, books, and video formats. Our learning programs are for those who have no knowledge of digital skills, those who want to harness their digital skills, those who are in the cooperate system, those who want to run a personal organization or brand, those who want to go into entrepreneurship & innovation and those who want to grow in family and relationship management. We have comprehensive programs that cover a wide range of topics, including digital skills, personal and organizational branding, entrepreneurship and innovation, family, corporate systems, and relationship management. With the help of experienced instructors from around the globe, you can experience real-time coaching and gain access to winning strategies to help you achieve success. You will steadily receive proper guide from your instructors and weekly real time coaching with your instructors around the world, helping you with winning strategies for your success.

Online Teaching
Online Teaching


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Through our affiliate program, you will gain access to our learning program. We have different levels in our affiliate program; we have the Basic program, the Silver program and the Gold program. The higher you go in our affiliate program, the higher you earn. As an affiliate, you can win fantastic prizes in Vivat.


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Who is Vivat for?

Vivat is for you if you're:
• Unemployed looking for a high income skill.
• Anyone who will like to build an online business making minimum $5,000 monthly.
• Student in need of steady pocket money.
• A business owner in need of more online sales.
• If you have a job but need another stream of income.
• Real Estate mediator who wants to sell more properties.
• An organization looking for investment capital to expand.

What is the primary teaching method?

An excellence Vivat course is audio based and video based. Other supplementary teaching tool will be added to create a rich learning experience.

Is Vivat legit?

Yes, vivat is a legit platform for acquiring knowledge and skills, for making money online. Vivat is an SSL certified company that ensures your personal information are protected from others. We also have a 24/7 customer support to help you resolve any issue.

What language can courses be taught in?

For the moment, our courses are taught in English language.