This is where you acquire a wide knowledge of all types of digital skills and how to convert your knowledge to cash flow. We have experts who have trained over 100+ digital marketers to guide and coach you in different languages. Here, we give you all it takes to develop your skill.

Vivat's teaching method is a very simple one. Anyone can understand it whether literate or not, our teachings are audio-based and video-based (live sessions). In our learning program, we teach both those who do not know digital skills and those who want to harness their online skill. Our instructors will give you a proper guide.

You will also benefit from a weekly coaching call with 7 figure-earning coaches across the world helping you with winning strategies that will hold you by their hands.

Why learn on Vivat?

1. Learn courses taught by real-world experts

2. Learn high income skill with over 1,000 video courses

3. Learn at your own route with access on mobile

4. We offer instant industrial training opportunities to practice skill we teach you and earn minimum of $5,000-$10,000

5. Our students are been issued Certificate that will add to their CV in the labour market

6. Our students always receive assistance from our coach until their skill become profitable

7. Our alumni always receive first-hand Job opportunities